Knickerbunting: the Studio Shoot

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Huge thanks must go to… all the people who donated pants. The lady who sent some underwear FOR ART from Norway. The lovely lady who organised a work collection. The lady who sent pants after the project finished with £40 cash for a stretch of finished bunting (it’s late, but I’m sending it – I promise). And last but not least, for Christian from Under Your Skin for booking studio space, dusting off his pro lamps, best lens, and for running up and down ladders to help me hang all this damn stuff.

You’re all welcome to come round for cake at mine, any time

Sam x

Take one blog, two meters of fabric, and…

I love making presents best of all.

For John’s “unbirthday”, I decided an apron was needed.

Lacking time to get to a shop that sold patterns, I went to the internet and found this tutorial by Indestructables.

I bought some fabric from the ever-reliable Halifax Borough Market, and off we went.

Geiger wants to help

Geiger wants to help

The pattern, as it turns out, was really easy to follow. Pressing the pieces into shape before starting was a genius move, it saved much faffing later. I’d recommend it to sewing newbies or more experienced sew-ers – I think the adjustable straps / neckline was a very clever move.

I decided to add a pocket, as I’m a clever clogs, and Michaela at the Sewing Box got the posh embroidery machine out for me – the Soup Dragon needed something splendid.

Soup Dragon Apron

Here be dragons!

Another vintage knitting pattern

50p each from an antique warehouse in Burnley. How could I resist?

All I need now is someone who wants me to knit them one in silver-grey yarn so they can pretend to be a knight in chainmail.

Knitted balaclava thingys








Also, I must confess: they had a complete knitting machine with all the accessories and the instruction booklet for £30. I really don’t need a third one – but I could not resist.

Third time lucky – maybe I’ll actually make something with this one?!


Winter is when I tend to knit as well as sew. There is something warm and cosy about it.

This is a hat for a baby jackaloupe. If you don’t know what a jackaloupe is; go away immediately and watch the Pixar short film ‘Boundin’.

A baby jackaloupe hat












This is a cardigan for me in chunky wool. Very satisfyingly quick to knit, and very warm.









Last but not least, Philip has challenged me to make him knitted some shorts. I couldn’t find a pattern, so I’m using a sewing one, tension squares, and maths. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Rainbow knitted shorts

I made a hat!

Although I made a mistake – I thought I had enough fabric for two. But I got it wrong, I have enough fabric for four hats.













Fox print hat; anyone? It’s waterproof!

I also made the kimono / dressing gown I’m wearing. Another rubbish photo though – must try harder!