Monthly Archives: February 2013

Lessons in Light

Hello everybody, there’s such a lot happening with us right now that we’re fairly fizzing with excitement and that’s down to people knowing we’re here…which is down to people knowing what we’ve got. With that in mind, it was high time a few photography lessons were learned (reflection = awkward) in order to achieve our primary objective: properly beautiful product shots on the nets.

The Studio Upstairs is a happy little place located above the vintage shop Upstaged round the back of the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Last Saturday, photographer in chief – the brilliant Mr Christian Gallagher, gave an outstanding lesson observation. Firstly, the steps to success: polish, polish, polish then when the glass gleams and every thumbprint has been vanquished, fire a beam of daylight into the terrariums whilst shutting out as much of everything else as you can. The outcome? Well we went from a possible C+:

Richards terrarium features everyone's favorite Dark Knight.

To an A*!


with added distinction!!


Well we reckon we’ve definitely met the success criteria but can we replicate this at home? I guess you’ll be the first to know.



All hail the Leeds steampunk market!

Marbellous are very excited…our first outing of 2013 will be to the Leeds Steampunk market on Saturday 9th March at the Leftbank on Cardigan Road. In preparation it’s time to dust off our collection of existing terrariums and get to the making of the new!

First step is to wash down the glassware in good old hot and soapy water and wait for our fresh Yorkshire moss to arrive, courtesy of one of the marbellous men-folk. Although, our tiny worlds yet to be realised, looking at the latest shapes is exciting and inspiring.

hand-scrubbed jars, none of that dishwasher malarkey.

hand-scrubbed jars, none of that dishwasher malarkey.

Drop in and see us at the Leftbank with our gloriously, inventive creations.