Monthly Archives: February 2015


Winter is when I tend to knit as well as sew. There is something warm and cosy about it.

This is a hat for a baby jackaloupe. If you don’t know what a jackaloupe is; go away immediately and watch the Pixar short film ‘Boundin’.

A baby jackaloupe hat












This is a cardigan for me in chunky wool. Very satisfyingly quick to knit, and very warm.









Last but not least, Philip has challenged me to make him knitted some shorts. I couldn’t find a pattern, so I’m using a sewing one, tension squares, and maths. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Rainbow knitted shorts

I made a hat!

Although I made a mistake – I thought I had enough fabric for two. But I got it wrong, I have enough fabric for four hats.













Fox print hat; anyone? It’s waterproof!

I also made the kimono / dressing gown I’m wearing. Another rubbish photo though – must try harder!