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Knickerbunting: the Studio Shoot

Knicker Bunting bows colourful curly dotty flags kankan lacy layers minipants pantstopoverty pileofpants rows samnchristian thehanging thewholewall thursday tinypeoplepants

Huge thanks must go to… all the people who donated pants. The lady who sent some underwear FOR ART from Norway. The lovely lady who organised a work collection. The lady who sent pants after the project finished with £40 cash for a stretch of finished bunting (it’s late, but I’m sending it – I promise). And last but not least, for Christian from Under Your Skin for booking studio space, dusting off his pro lamps, best lens, and for running up and down ladders to help me hang all this damn stuff.

You’re all welcome to come round for cake at mine, any time

Sam x