We thought we would let you know about some of our favorite online hangouts.

BGL Leeds
This local volunteer-run blog keeps you abreast of all the best local larks.

Claire Murray Designs
Gorgeous, inspiring prints for wallpaper and soft furnishings.

Carlie Martice
“Beautifully deranged” art. Dark and beautiful creations.

Dancers Bizarre
The queens of the local dance scene. They rock everything from gypsy skirts to nun’s wimples with equal ease.

Jodie Silverman
Photo-realistic fine art with touches of the surreal. One of Jodie’s paintings hangs in Sam’s studio for inspiration.

Sarah Ayache Photography
A creative co-conspirator and long-time partner in Cake, Sarah is also an amazingly good photographer.

Baking and tea-drinking are celebrated, encouraged and explained.

Twig Terrariums
The Brooklyn-based team who inspired our terrariums. We drooled over theirs.

Under Your Skin and Christian Gallagher Photography

The two artistic faces of one of Leeds’ hottest photographers (who also happens to be a brilliant technique-teacher)

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