Knitty Times

I’ve been having a very knitty kind of Spring.

chunky cream cowl


A hoodie for Sam







From a chunky cowl-necked to some 75% wool warn 4-ply vestwork to a hoodie for the Sam.

I’ve also been having some MAJOR finds in the vintage knitting pattern category. Check out these babies.

Behold the Vintage







But best of all: I found a basic knitting machine class. In Bradford, obviously (the one-time Wool Capital of the World). For those not in the know – we found a “Super Knitmaster Plus” shoved up under the eaves about four years ago. After about four bouts of cleaning, much unscrewing and lots of support from helpers: I think I’m about ready to Give It A Go.

super knitmaster plus

Fascinating vision!

In December I got asked if I would make a fascinator for a friend’s wedding. Of course I said YES.

The next day after a bit of work on Google, I realised that a birdcage veil did not mean that Gem wanted a headress involving a birdcage and some veil. A birdcage veil is a well-accepted STYLE..

Disappointing… Undaunted, I watched a couple of you tube videos and got sketching.

With a three week deadline, I got it finished on time but could only take a few quick photos – which my phone then decided to delete. So here’s a close-up from an official wedding photo. Apologies to the groom for cropping him out.

Gem's birdcage veil

Gem’s birdcage veil

It worked so well, I made another for Kiri as a leaving present in more vibrant colours.

Kiri's fascinator for the Races

Kiri’s fascinator for the Races

The wedding version had three layers of feathers (in cream and yellow), was finished with gold binding and had a small gold chain draping across the feathers for effect. I’ll add a better photo if one emerges.

Thanks for the commission Gem and for trusting this part of your big day to me. It was a lot of fun to design and make this and I’m pleased with how well it turned out – and I know you were, too. :)