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Another vintage knitting pattern

50p each from an antique warehouse in Burnley. How could I resist?

All I need now is someone who wants me to knit them one in silver-grey yarn so they can pretend to be a knight in chainmail.

Knitted balaclava thingys








Also, I must confess: they had a complete knitting machine with all the accessories and the instruction booklet for £30. I really don’t need a third one – but I could not resist.

Third time lucky – maybe I’ll actually make something with this one?!


Winter is when I tend to knit as well as sew. There is something warm and cosy about it.

This is a hat for a baby jackaloupe. If you don’t know what a jackaloupe is; go away immediately and watch the Pixar short film ‘Boundin’.

A baby jackaloupe hat












This is a cardigan for me in chunky wool. Very satisfyingly quick to knit, and very warm.









Last but not least, Philip has challenged me to make him knitted some shorts. I couldn’t find a pattern, so I’m using a sewing one, tension squares, and maths. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Rainbow knitted shorts

Knitty Times

I’ve been having a very knitty kind of Spring.

chunky cream cowl


A hoodie for Sam







From a chunky cowl-necked to some 75% wool warn 4-ply vestwork to a hoodie for the Sam.

I’ve also been having some MAJOR finds in the vintage knitting pattern category. Check out these babies.

Behold the Vintage







But best of all: I found a basic knitting machine class. In Bradford, obviously (the one-time Wool Capital of the World). For those not in the know – we found a “Super Knitmaster Plus” shoved up under the eaves about four years ago. After about four bouts of cleaning, much unscrewing and lots of support from helpers: I think I’m about ready to Give It A Go.

super knitmaster plus