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Steampunk-ing it up!

The Leeds Steampunk market held at the Left Bank was a brilliant, morale-boosting event. We covered our costs and made a small profit which for a first time specialist market, we felt was pretty good going. We made a few changes to our stall set up since Christmas, namely by getting more height on to show off the smaller terrariums. Stacks of ancient volumes of Plato’s Republic would do nicely! We also left a lot of the bigger glassware empty as I found that customers loved to mix and match their favourite toy characters with a terrarium they fancied the most.

Despite our success, there is still a lot to learn about marketing particularly from the other stall holders – “damn, we need a big sign” – featured a lot through the day and – “what do we do with the care instructions?” -  highlighted our inexperience. Still here we are, dressed warmly in pre-war style garments, still smiling in the freezing conditions.

Naziya on the left, Sam on the right.

Lessons in Light

Hello everybody, there’s such a lot happening with us right now that we’re fairly fizzing with excitement and that’s down to people knowing we’re here…which is down to people knowing what we’ve got. With that in mind, it was high time a few photography lessons were learned (reflection = awkward) in order to achieve our primary objective: properly beautiful product shots on the nets.

The Studio Upstairs is a happy little place located above the vintage shop Upstaged round the back of the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Last Saturday, photographer in chief – the brilliant Mr Christian Gallagher, gave an outstanding lesson observation. Firstly, the steps to success: polish, polish, polish then when the glass gleams and every thumbprint has been vanquished, fire a beam of daylight into the terrariums whilst shutting out as much of everything else as you can. The outcome? Well we went from a possible C+:

Richards terrarium features everyone's favorite Dark Knight.

To an A*!


with added distinction!!


Well we reckon we’ve definitely met the success criteria but can we replicate this at home? I guess you’ll be the first to know.